Mini Jersey Bull Semen Available

A few conventional semen straws are available on White Star Farm Primo for $50 each, and DC Ebenezer for $35 each.

          (Pricing does not include shipping which can be as much as $200 or more depending on where you live)

          Look for semen on a new bull spring 2024

His name is White Star Farm Tom Petty and we expect great things from this beautiful little bull.  He’s small, he’s gorgeous, a2a2 and homozygous polled.  We plan to collect him early spring 2024.


White Star Farm Primo

White Star Farm Primo



Primo is very well bred and has excellent dairy conformation with beautiful small feet and fine bone structure.  He is also very light in color.  Primo has proven himself a good herd sire and producer of outstanding calves.  In fact, we have kept several of his heifers for breeding purposes. His temperament is another great asset, he is the gentlest bull we’ve ever worked with.  Although Primo is a little bit taller than we would like for him to be, his parentage is significantly shorter and he is producing calves that will mature shorter than he is and they all have beautiful conformation, color and temperament.  Primo continues to be an outstanding choice for your breeding needs.

Registered Name: White Star Farm Primo                Registration #: MJHB0754

Date of Birth: 18 May 2017                                            DNA Case Number:  NC39806

Sire: Frazier’s Credentials (RIO)                                    Height: 46″ @ 3 Years (measured at the top of the hip bone)

Dam: White Star Farm Lily Rose                                    Chondro Results: Non-Carrier BD1

A2 Results: A2/A2                                                          Tested Negative: BVD, BLV and Johnes

Horns: Homozygous Polled

D C Ebenezer

We are pleased to offer semen on an excellent Miniature Jersey bull, D C Ebenezer.   With great size, conformation, color and temperament, he has become an important part of our breeding program.  The calves he has produced have his lovely orange color and beautiful conformation.  We have retained many of his heifers in our breeding program.

Frozen semen available delivered directly from Champion Genetics in Canton, Texas – $35 per straw plus shipping.

DC Ebenezer

D C Ebenezer Stats:

Height at 3 years of age:   44”

Beta Casein: A1/A2

Registration: MJHB0299

Horns: Heterozygous polled

Chondro (Dwarfism): Negative

Sire: Meadow Beauty’s Little Dream – MJHB0102            Dam: D C Lotta Luv – MJHB0114

DC Ebenezer

Key ideas on Artificial Insemination in Cattle

Hector2If you have never had an animal artificially inseminated, there are a few things you need to know before you purchase frozen bull semen:

  • First you need to identify a veterinarian or other AI professional in your area to do the procedure. Unless you have received extensive training in artificial insemination (AI) you can NOT do this yourself.
  • You also need a place to store your frozen semen. Semen is stored at -300º F in a liquid nitrogen tank (you cannot store frozen semen in your freezer). These tanks are costly and need routine maintenance to keep them viable. Most large animal veterinarians have semen storage available and charge a nominal fee for this service, often as little as $60 per year for 100 straws.
  • Frozen semen is shipped in small liquid nitrogen tanks that must be returned to the shipper. The facility we use for storage of most of our frozen semen ships directly from their facility, to wherever you plan to store your bull semen to ensure that it arrives in perfect condition. When purchasing semen from us, you will contact our storage facility directly to arrange the details of shipment.
  • Shipping costs have increased significantly since 2020 and as of spring 2022 you can expect shipping to approach $200 for almost everywhere in the U.S.  However, this is just an estimate and as inflation continues to affect oil pricing it may go higher in the future.
  • Because of the cost of shipment, it behooves you to purchase as much semen from a particular facility as you think you can use to minimize shipping costs.
  • As long as it is properly handled, frozen semen will last almost indefinitely, so don’t worry that what you purchase today won’t be good 5 or even 10 years from now.
  • Artificial insemination allows you to choose from many available bulls to maximize your breeding program. However, always remember that most AI professionals will tell you that any given AI attempt has only about a 60% chance of success. This means that when you purchase straws, always purchase 2 straws for each breeding you want to perform.
  • Lastly, before purchasing semen from us, please contact us to discuss your needs so we can help you have the very best probability of success with your AI program.