Miracle JessieFrozen Bull Semen Available

We are very excited to introduce you to the newest member of our miniature Jersey bull herd, Miracle Jesse.  Jesse is a beautiful little bull with emphasis on “little”  At nearly 2 years of age, Jesse stands only 40″ tall as measured at the top of the hip bone and has the prettiest dished face you could ever imagine.  Jesse is also very, very gentle, with a sweet temperament.  He is extremely light in color, although the attached picture doesn’t show that very well with his thick winter coat, but we didn’t want to wait until summer to introduce you to him and to let you know that we now have frozen bull semen available in both conventional and female sexed.  As with all our bulls, conventional semen is only $35 per straw and sexed semen is just $150 per straw, not including shipping.

Jesse is A2A2 and dehorned.  Since he is such a young bull he has only one calf on the ground at this time, but she is a very pretty, light-colored heifer that appears to be quite small.  Jesse is a great option for those that are looking for a smaller size than many of the a2a2 bulls out there, while still retaining the beauty and excellent conformation that we expect from our bulls.

If you would like more information on Jesse, please see our website where you will fine more information on Jesse as well as information on the other fine bulls offered by Mini Miracles Farm.