WSF Primo

We are thrilled to announce the addition of White Star Farm Primo to our herd of Miniature Jersey cattle.  Primo is an outstanding mini Jersey bull from the excellent breeding program of Deb Ridings and we look forward to adding his genetics to our breeding program.  Thank you Deb for selling Primo to us!

Primo has many attributes that we anticipate he will pass on to his calves:  He is beta casein A2/A2; he is homozygous polled so that regardless of the horned status of the dam, the calves will be polled; he has wonderful small feet and straight legs; and at 18 months of age is still light in color.  Primo is very well bred with excellent conformation that showcases the refinement we are looking for in our mini Jersey herd.  Best of all, Primo is the gentlest and sweetest bull we’ve ever had.  He is easy to catch, lead and handle, and loves being petted.  We expect Primo to mature to a height of between 42 and 43” which is a perfect height to cover our “girls”.

We will be collecting semen on Primo soon and expect to be selling regular semen by mid-December 2018.  We also plan to offer sexed semen on this terrific bull as soon as possible, hopefully early 2019.  Be sure to email us for updates on semen availability.  Don’t forget we still have semen available on D C Ebenezer and South House Dapper Dan as well, also excellent mini Jersey bulls.

Welcome little Primo – we’re so happy you joined our family!