Mini Jersey Bull Semen

 At last we are beginning to see calves from our good A2/A2  miniature Jersey bull South House Dapper Dan!  As expected,  his calves are gorgeous; and with beta casein A2/A2 they will  help increase the number of A2/A2 animals in the mini  Jersey world.   

 Additionally, Dapper Dan is producing lovely deep dished  heads and small size in his offspring (see picture of Miracle  Faline).Faline 2 wks 2


As you know, there are very few A2/A2 mini Jersey cattle at this time, primarily because the animals from which the mini Jersey breed derived did not have the A2 gene.  Over time as a result of breeding other polled breeds into the original mini Jerseys, the A2 gene has been introduced into the mini Jersey and is becoming more available.  Whether you believe in the A2 Corporation’s claims or not, we anticipate that the A2 gene will become more common in the next few years. 

If you are looking for a bull to advance your herd to the next level, Dapper Dan would be a good choice for many reasons: 

  • Dapper Dan has a unique lineage that will help expand the gene pool of the mini Jersey;
  • He has good conformation with a great head that he’s passing along to his offspring;
  • Dapper Dan has a wonderful temperament and is handled by us daily to maintain that gentle disposition;
  • Dapper Dan’s frozen bull semen is “embryo transfer quality” which is the best you can get, giving you the best possible results with your AI program; and,
  • His frozen semen is shipped directly from the collection facility to ensure its quality to the buyer.

As you consider your breeding options for 2015 and beyond, don’t hesitate to call us with questions.   Artificial insemination can seem like a daunting endeavor at first, but with help from those with experience, it can be very rewarding both financially and esthetically as you produce better and better calves.   Even if you own just one cow and she is primarily kept for your personal milk supply, why not breed to be best?  The sale of one well bred heifer can easily reimburse you for the cost of keeping your cow, and future calves make a nice return on the investment you have in your family cow.

Mini Miracles Farm has other young bulls coming up as well.  Currently being offered is frozen bull semen from one of these young bulls, D C Ebenezer – we’ll keep you posted as we see calves from this great little bull next year.