Spring has arrived at Mini Miracles Farm.  The grass is growing, the cows are getting fat, and the calves are terrorizing their pasture with tails curled over their backs and feet flying.  Who doesn’t love spring?!? Grooming

In the mini Jersey world, it is also time for spring shedding.  The cows stand and groom each other for seemingly hours trying to get the itch of that old winter hair off their bodies.  That’s where I come in.  With shedding blade in hand I groom each cow for a few minutes every day.  It may sound like a bit of work, but it doesn’t take very long and has great benefits, not just to the cow herself, but to her relationship with me.  You would be amazed at how gentle and sweet a cow can get with daily grooming; Ebenezereven those that don’t start out all that friendly, soon come running to you looking for her brushing.   Our bull, Ebenezer, enjoys his daily grooming as much as the “girls”.

Giving your cow a daily brushing will not only make her look and feel better, it bonds her to you in a magical way that transfers into the milking parlor as well.  What was once a nervous animal in the stanchion suddenly becomes much quieter and more docile.  Miniature Jerseys, like other pets, are far more enjoyable to be around and are more manageable the more time you devote to them.

Spring is also a great time to prepare for breeding season.  We like to breed our mini Jersey cows/heifers between the months of June and September. This gives us March to June calves, which for us is the ideal time – it’s after the wet and chill of winter, but before the heat of a Texas summer.    Remember that Mini Miracles Farm sells frozen semen on two really great bulls, South House Dapper Dan, and D C Ebenezer for only $50 per straw, with sexed semen available from Ebenezer to qualified buyers.   Both bulls are producing lovely calves with incredible beauty and quality.

Spring seems like such a short season, enjoy it while you can!