We are thrilled to announce that frozen semen, both regular and female sexed, is finally available on our outstanding new Miniature Jersey bull, WSF Primo.  Primo is maturing into the excellent herd sire that we hoped he would be.  He is beautifully light in color, with lovely Jersey conformation that is often rare in Mini Jerseys.  Primo also has an excellent temperament that makes him a pleasure to be around.  He has small, well-formed feet that we hope pass on to his offspring, reducing or eliminating the need for hoof trimming.  

Among Primo’s other great qualities:  Beta Casein A2/A2, and he is homozygous polled which means that all of his calves will be polled regardless of the polled status of the cow.


Introductory semen pricing is as follows:

Regular semen – $75 per straw for 5 or fewer; $50 per straw if ordering 6 or more

Sexed semen – $150 per straw 

All frozen semen ships from the collection facility in Canton, Texas.  If you would like more information, please visit our website at